Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a doggy dog world.... Son >:\

It's odd, how people can't start something new or suddenly have a new passion without some Pretentious asshole giving  some belittling speech because they have been in the "Scene" and they "Know" how the world goes round. Nice way to welcome new potential.

hmm today Im wicked full! Full of KFC whooo :) Dr pepper is my Favorite soda! For real without fast food wouldn't be as sweet. :p

Today has been a good day. I have my ambition to do what I have to do. Im usually all over the place but im more at one piece this afternoon. 

Listening to bright eyes :) smoking my day away O-o



  1. Any niche group is full of douchebags who think they had THE ANSWER and had it first. These people should, of course, be strangled, but they're protected by laws against murder.

    Stupid laws.

  2. Well at least you always have the option of ignoring the assholes :D

    Good luck *hugs* You'll do fine! And yay Dr. Pepper~