Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being Compared :/

You have to admit, everyone gets compared to someone else.

It pisses me off!...... but eh I got used to it :)

So many people think they have created some "genre" and most of the time it's not true 0-o
They really should just take a look back, and realize most everything has been done.
I go to stores and stuff and im always like "ok how can I be different from these girls" and I've realized by doing that im still falling into a category. I should be concentrating on being myself and not caring if   some other girl wore something similar, or my new hair cut is to close to another models. Its ridiculous,  especially when you try so hard to make your footprint and some fucking wave keeps washing them away with their "oooh wait didn't blah blah do that" bullshit.

I look up to A lot of people <3>
I always Love taking little pieces that i love from people and keep them with me and sometimes even involve them into my life!

I think a lot of people do that.   but eh what's to do, but keep on with the positive. :)~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drinking alone


Im alone in my room. It is saturday Night and im a hot girl in her pj's drinking wine out of the bottle. haha

Im actually ridiculous. Im listening to depressing music wishing I was In california. I work at dunking donuts! which is a nightmare!  

Im the glamour life,
I have to continuously deal with people so high on there horse it almost makes it difficult to remember to just be myself. 

Nothing is for free. People are only your friends when they feel they can benefit off you. Its true, people have incredibly busy lives, until they feel you can benefit off you.

BEWARE your fake companions 0-o

Im alone A lot! I love it. I feel i trust myself  more than i could ever anyone else.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


To have faith in someone. To belive in someone....?

Not many people know how to do that.... But it doesn't matter! I use that energy for the good regardless!

It kinda gives me more motivation >:)