Thursday, March 12, 2009

Americas Next Top Model

So I just found out about castings calls for America's next top model! I Am going to the one in New York this saturday! Im so excited! I hope I make it in the show ^_^ That would be so amazing! Cross your fingers folks! Wow i'm excited 0-O Knowing my luck they'll just laugh at me hardcore....

Well i'm showing up in a corset, tight jeans and an attitude that'll make you want the shit out of me. haha

yea wish me luck!



  1. best of luck =] knock em dead.

  2. Are you vapid enough to be a contestant? I thought you had more going on between your ears. :)

  3. BTW, that was a comment specifically about the majority of ATM gals, not models in general. I know where's only two weeks in with this season (and on "Make Me A Supermodel") but, damn, there sure are a lot of emotionally unstable people on those shows at the moment.