Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a doggy dog world.... Son >:\

It's odd, how people can't start something new or suddenly have a new passion without some Pretentious asshole giving  some belittling speech because they have been in the "Scene" and they "Know" how the world goes round. Nice way to welcome new potential.

hmm today Im wicked full! Full of KFC whooo :) Dr pepper is my Favorite soda! For real without fast food wouldn't be as sweet. :p

Today has been a good day. I have my ambition to do what I have to do. Im usually all over the place but im more at one piece this afternoon. 

Listening to bright eyes :) smoking my day away O-o


Monday, March 16, 2009

Im Sorry......

Ok I Said some things in my last blog that might of been mistakenly offensive.

I LOVE the alt community. BTW no one owns the community. 
"ALT" is alternative to the norm! I PERSONALLY have been wanting to pursue Something different sometimes, something new. Commercial- Glam- Vouge! shit I don't know! I love NEW! Cant you see There ARE NO LINES! No boundaries! My work that i wish to pursue is limitless 0-o

I work just as hard as any other type of artist! I just want everything to be a unification. But eh im just a weird hippie. hahah Who knows if anyone will ever make it but im going to do my thing regardless. xo

I BUST MY FUCKING ASS! THIS IS MY LIFE!! I always put as much passion into all my work as possible. I want to do great things <3

**I Get help from some of the most Amazing people, and Appreciate Them with all my heart. I wouldn't be where I am now without the help I have got. I owe them a Lot and also would do be there for them if ever needed.

blah this is long. im stoned heheh and drunk. soo.... ha      o- O

I have come to find out that passionate people are sensitive especially when they don't understand something..... Especially when dealing with being a passionate person yourself.

eh shizz always works out in the end :)

today over all LONG and tiresome :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disaster In new york!

So I arrived in nYc about 2:30 am, Waited in line for about 15 horrible hours of pushing and yelling threats being thrown about. Im about 75 people out of  8,000 away from the door. I was almost there! I almost was at least able to show my face... To show that I wasn't some girl from the hood. I am a Model! Face Tats and all! 

All of a sudden i hear screams coming from the end of the street, Panic and screams and smoke fills the air! I then felt an overwhelming force of hundreds of people push against me.
My suitcase gone. Shoes gone. All i could see was the concrete and felt feet trampling all over my back. No one helped me! Then this life saving girl Started to scream that I was under the mass getting crushed, And some officer managed to pull me to the surface. My back is in tremendous pain. My head is in pain, as soon as i finally got pulled out I was so out of breath that I Blacked out right in new york city! The paramedic told me to go to the hospital. Of course i refused. 

I was in a fucking corcet! It sucked! I didn't even get to show them! I didn't get my chance!!...
What now? Just be some alt model that is infamous for the same shit every other "alt" model is known for. 

This really has effected me hardcore. 

When will i see the light. Maybe im not supposed to be in the lime light.
Just alt sites on the internet. 

Internet fame is prob my only chance at this game. Great. 

sometime i hate my stars on my face. they really restrict me.



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Americas Next Top Model

So I just found out about castings calls for America's next top model! I Am going to the one in New York this saturday! Im so excited! I hope I make it in the show ^_^ That would be so amazing! Cross your fingers folks! Wow i'm excited 0-O Knowing my luck they'll just laugh at me hardcore....

Well i'm showing up in a corset, tight jeans and an attitude that'll make you want the shit out of me. haha

yea wish me luck!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whoo Video!

Today I sent the rest of my applications out for my oh so wanted 9-5 job :|

I just want to be in a salon, or working for mac or some other amazing makeup outlet.
With a little hard work and some shit taking and i know eventually ill find my peace.

Decisions are made with thoughts.
If i am thoughtless what am i basing my decisions on?


on another note! 

So im getting this video camera!! I've recently have found this crazy new love for video and editing 0-o 

So keep your eyeballs peeled for some video content from me!