Monday, March 16, 2009

Im Sorry......

Ok I Said some things in my last blog that might of been mistakenly offensive.

I LOVE the alt community. BTW no one owns the community. 
"ALT" is alternative to the norm! I PERSONALLY have been wanting to pursue Something different sometimes, something new. Commercial- Glam- Vouge! shit I don't know! I love NEW! Cant you see There ARE NO LINES! No boundaries! My work that i wish to pursue is limitless 0-o

I work just as hard as any other type of artist! I just want everything to be a unification. But eh im just a weird hippie. hahah Who knows if anyone will ever make it but im going to do my thing regardless. xo

I BUST MY FUCKING ASS! THIS IS MY LIFE!! I always put as much passion into all my work as possible. I want to do great things <3

**I Get help from some of the most Amazing people, and Appreciate Them with all my heart. I wouldn't be where I am now without the help I have got. I owe them a Lot and also would do be there for them if ever needed.

blah this is long. im stoned heheh and drunk. soo.... ha      o- O

I have come to find out that passionate people are sensitive especially when they don't understand something..... Especially when dealing with being a passionate person yourself.

eh shizz always works out in the end :)

today over all LONG and tiresome :(


  1. You know, David Bowie was never happy just being placed in one niche, he was always growing & expanding. So their is nothing offensive about you wanting to push yourself out farther than you've been before. I commend you on being passionate & always wanting to experience more! So good luck to you, I have the feeling their will never be an end to what you can accomplish.

  2. Well you've already sorta figured it out. Artists need space to evolve. Nothing wrong with where you've been but sometimes new directions are required to keep things fresh. You never know where your path will lead, so just keep following it.

    Love your style!


  3. lines are non-existent in these "scenes"...when walls are put up the only thing to happen is for them to come crashing down, there has to be a first for everything, so you're going to be the first alt-glam'll make it happen