Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stay awake for me.

I have lots of thing you should be checking out!!






My other new blog area 0-o


Wheeeww thats a lot huh?

But other than that wanna see a hot picture of me And the Beautiful Khrist???
She is beautiful huh?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always on the move man!

I have been absolutely horrible At this whole blogging thing huh?
Hopefully now i can be more of an active blogger.

So I have some news, I'm moving away! Far away! To explore the wonders of the windy city!
I seriously am so drained from my surroundings that I have put Modeling and Hairstyling aside. It's really lame.
I haven't been doing hair at all recently! I don't think i even have the balls to style someones hair right now.

So im planning this whole Personal trip to gather myself and get motivated! I feel as though i let myself down a bit.
So Im changing my whole routine. Im not fucking around lmao ^-^ You'll see.

Just because i said i wasn't excelling in modeling doesn't mean i havnt been shooting!

here's something new yay! 0-o


Thursday, July 9, 2009


I know I fucking know Im LAME for not keeping up with my blog.
Its was like i was still living on the internet but i didn't have the energy to post anything.

Ok So i was just hanging out Chase lisbon and Apnea! It was a lot of fun! I spent my july 4th weekend with them.
buut Im not going to talk about that just yet,

Let's go back in time a little,

wom wom wom wom wom wom wom 0-o ok im stoned and that's my sound effect for a flash back :)

I was In chicago a little while back! It was amazing 0-o LIke effing amazing!

I was with Amiria Divine, who is truly one of the best models i know. A true artist.
We ate so much eggs it was ridiculous. oooo oo and subway! That girl has me hooked on subway! fo realz son.
The first night I got there she takes me to this breakcore show! which was off the hook! I OF COURSE got drunk.
I got to cuddle with her and I dont know if you know this but daaaaaaamn this girl has the best best damn body in the world!
so you know I wanted to at least cuddle at night. She had to literally bring me everywhere! (seeing that i had never been to chicago) Any way i love her. Here is this amazing shot of her in this shoot with Billy!

Yea and I also shot with the effing amazing Billy Sheahan! He is so so.... awesome. we had subway on the roof i saw the tallest building in the usa i think its called the sears tower? I was outside oprahs building. I received a large amount of some green
0-o I didn't get robbed or die in a plane. All is well. Im a very paranoid person. Back to billy, anyway I have these images down here that we took together! they are awesome! I can't wait to see him again.

Dont they kick ass! well anyway ill tell you more tommorow!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today is the Love day!

This kid is an amazing musician. I've been though a lot with this man (Good and bad), I love him a lot.
check out his music at http://www.myspace.com/ghostsandscience

I Love dastardly Dave! sooooo much! He really is my other half in making amazing work!
He is definitely my favorite photographer in the world!

I love love love Rana X

The best designer on the east coast! whaaaaat!

I seriously love this woman!

Matthew matthew matthew....... oh how you annoy me, drive me into insanity, make me wan to throw you into a pool of meat eating fish. I Still love you. Your always there when i really need you! much love yo'

These people down there are amazing! They help me lots! :)
Warm hearted love love love love love <3

Amira Divine!

One of the hottest girlies ever! I love her very very much! I never get to see her :(
But when i do im a happy happy girl <3


My girl. yea i don't know if you know who she is buuut, she's kinda of a big deal. People know her. She even has her own tour bus. i love her!

I have lots more! im just tired now....


I love everyone!


This message is brought to by MARAJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!

hippie shit!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Collective chaos designs :)

So finally i just shipped some beautiful pieces back to where they came from!

Im wicked excited to see the all the final images! I don't really get to work with to many designers, so when i do I appreciate them!

Hopefully we got a whole set! Time was a little pressed.

Lately i have been feeling a little down about my work. I know it's just a funk. But I feel like im not growing 0-o

I just got back from cali, and i didn't "find myself"

haha I actually came back rather quickly......

Im a little stressed these days lol.

I need a J-O-B lmao

well anyway heres a new pic from the shoot!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Flipping my coin....

I woke up today to find a 50 cent coin stuck to me. So I asked a question and flipped it.

I got my answer. I think i am leaving temporarily to go and "find myself" for a while.

Go see the world. Explore.

heh maybe ill find answers I didn't know i was looking for.

The funny thing about this coin is no matter how many times I flipped it, The results always favored My QUEST.



(i am known to be a nut)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The future

It's Like the future is so unclear. I can't even see my tomorrow. But am I supposed to? It really fucks me up because I always need a plan ya know? I always have to know what I am going to do. Right now I have no fucking clue.

Ill figure everything out.

I just need to clear my head and figure out what I really want.

Sometime I wonder.... Why the hell do I post my life on the internet?!!

Crazy... 0-o

well thats my little update :)