Thursday, July 9, 2009


I know I fucking know Im LAME for not keeping up with my blog.
Its was like i was still living on the internet but i didn't have the energy to post anything.

Ok So i was just hanging out Chase lisbon and Apnea! It was a lot of fun! I spent my july 4th weekend with them.
buut Im not going to talk about that just yet,

Let's go back in time a little,

wom wom wom wom wom wom wom 0-o ok im stoned and that's my sound effect for a flash back :)

I was In chicago a little while back! It was amazing 0-o LIke effing amazing!

I was with Amiria Divine, who is truly one of the best models i know. A true artist.
We ate so much eggs it was ridiculous. oooo oo and subway! That girl has me hooked on subway! fo realz son.
The first night I got there she takes me to this breakcore show! which was off the hook! I OF COURSE got drunk.
I got to cuddle with her and I dont know if you know this but daaaaaaamn this girl has the best best damn body in the world!
so you know I wanted to at least cuddle at night. She had to literally bring me everywhere! (seeing that i had never been to chicago) Any way i love her. Here is this amazing shot of her in this shoot with Billy!

Yea and I also shot with the effing amazing Billy Sheahan! He is so so.... awesome. we had subway on the roof i saw the tallest building in the usa i think its called the sears tower? I was outside oprahs building. I received a large amount of some green
0-o I didn't get robbed or die in a plane. All is well. Im a very paranoid person. Back to billy, anyway I have these images down here that we took together! they are awesome! I can't wait to see him again.

Dont they kick ass! well anyway ill tell you more tommorow!



  1. Everywhere you go, there I am. I kid I kid. You started following me on Twitter, then I friended you on Myspace. I'm a GG, don't know if you have been or not. Anyway, one big incestuous family around the erotic interwebz. How are you? Chicago sounds like it was a blast. Take care.


  2. hey its duey..whats your twitter?

  3. Aw... thanks! It was amazing fun. We should do it again!

  4. i love you babycakes! and missss you :)

  5. More crazy posing babes here