Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today is the Love day!

This kid is an amazing musician. I've been though a lot with this man (Good and bad), I love him a lot.
check out his music at

I Love dastardly Dave! sooooo much! He really is my other half in making amazing work!
He is definitely my favorite photographer in the world!

I love love love Rana X

The best designer on the east coast! whaaaaat!

I seriously love this woman!

Matthew matthew matthew....... oh how you annoy me, drive me into insanity, make me wan to throw you into a pool of meat eating fish. I Still love you. Your always there when i really need you! much love yo'

These people down there are amazing! They help me lots! :)
Warm hearted love love love love love <3

Amira Divine!

One of the hottest girlies ever! I love her very very much! I never get to see her :(
But when i do im a happy happy girl <3


My girl. yea i don't know if you know who she is buuut, she's kinda of a big deal. People know her. She even has her own tour bus. i love her!

I have lots more! im just tired now....


I love everyone!


This message is brought to by MARAJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!

hippie shit!


  1. Aaw, you're super sweet! Your friends are really lucky to have you! Love is always a good thing.


    ~ Neil

  2. I LOVE the love blog. Good peeps

  3. i love my BFFF!!! :D

  4. i love you too babycakes! cant wait to see you ;)

  5. I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment here but MY GOODNESS is this not a great set of photos? I paint and love erotic arts...this just is so like home to me.