Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always on the move man!

I have been absolutely horrible At this whole blogging thing huh?
Hopefully now i can be more of an active blogger.

So I have some news, I'm moving away! Far away! To explore the wonders of the windy city!
I seriously am so drained from my surroundings that I have put Modeling and Hairstyling aside. It's really lame.
I haven't been doing hair at all recently! I don't think i even have the balls to style someones hair right now.

So im planning this whole Personal trip to gather myself and get motivated! I feel as though i let myself down a bit.
So Im changing my whole routine. Im not fucking around lmao ^-^ You'll see.

Just because i said i wasn't excelling in modeling doesn't mean i havnt been shooting!

here's something new yay! 0-o



  1. make it a point to be here october 17th. after the shoot im gonna throw a party for Anna in the VIP lounge of House of Blues. it'll be a blast.
    -Saint Basil

  2. Cool, I wish I could do that too.
    Nice photos...hmmm... maybe I'll draw one of these...
    What do you think? :D
    Have a "bon voyage"

  3. waittttttt time out, you are moving to Chicago?!
    NO FAIR!

  4. Nice shooting specially in red one, I wish you to be prosperous everywhere you go and glad you back to blog