Saturday, February 21, 2009

Asphyxia's first blogger blog hahaha

So tired! 
I recently just got back home from San Francisco. It was sooo fun!!
I think that it's the best city in the world! In the world! I would move there if i wasn't such a scared ass. hahaha 

I was sick.
but even tho I still went and saw the city :)
It was so akward being in a new place.

I want to go back soooo bad. I wish life events made it so i was able to. But alas I can have 
My cake and eat it to huh?


  1. To live there, you have to earn a million dollars a year. Good luck.

  2. What the other person said is not true. I lived in SF for 6 years. Honestly, if you live there, you'll be flat broke...but that's why H&M exists ;) I managed to live there on $2,000/mo. So, it's possible!

  3. I love San Francisco, too. I would move there if it weren't so bloody expensive! What's the point of living somewhere if you're flat broke? :)

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  5. San Francisco is a lot like the Hotel California. It's EASY to move here. I live here by the way. And it does NOT require a million dollars to live here. Just friends to live with.

    And the real magic of the city is the sense of community. I am sure any of your friends through the Zivity community could get you a place. Jobs are hard to come by, but if you are willing to sling coffee or wait tables, you will do fine until you find something good.

    There are more fetish potographers and gigs out here than they can fill with the girls in the area, and well, it is one of the most amazing places to live in the known world.

    I have friends who pay 300 for a room and live quite well on coffee jobs. It's doable.

    Plunge head-first into life. Fear will only hold you back for experiencing amazing things.

  6. I love San Fran. Great city.

    Chin up about the "Top Model" thing. You are passionate about what you love and thats all that matters.