Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being Compared :/

You have to admit, everyone gets compared to someone else.

It pisses me off!...... but eh I got used to it :)

So many people think they have created some "genre" and most of the time it's not true 0-o
They really should just take a look back, and realize most everything has been done.
I go to stores and stuff and im always like "ok how can I be different from these girls" and I've realized by doing that im still falling into a category. I should be concentrating on being myself and not caring if   some other girl wore something similar, or my new hair cut is to close to another models. Its ridiculous,  especially when you try so hard to make your footprint and some fucking wave keeps washing them away with their "oooh wait didn't blah blah do that" bullshit.

I look up to A lot of people <3>
I always Love taking little pieces that i love from people and keep them with me and sometimes even involve them into my life!

I think a lot of people do that.   but eh what's to do, but keep on with the positive. :)~


  1. The truth is, most of us are like everyone else with very minor variations. This is especially true of anyone involved in a subculture, whether that be goth or Star Trek or what have you, because the list of acceptable traits in those groups is relatively small.

  2. I only wish to be like someone happy, healthy, intelligent and beautiful (as opposed of ugly).
    I guess I just want to be happy but that would mean that I would have to have a very low IQ!
    As for being different, you can always become an alien... that's something I've never seen.
    Don't stress about such things, just be who you want to be.

  3. there are only 7 notes in a scale...sometimes when your influenced by someone "bigger" than you it makes them feel good about the art they have made...all real artists are cant wear your heart on your sleeve and not be...